Game Version:

Let’s go over that main menu at the top left of the game screen.

Right after the handy FPS display, you have your village information button. This opens a moveable window like the one shown here. It tells you how many of each kind of villager you currently have.

You can also edit the name of your village, turn on and off immigration, and authorize housing and density upgrades globally.

The next button is either green or red. It is a warning indicator, so when it is red, as shown here, you can click it to open a (moveable) window that will display troubles. Some may be expected or can be ignored as needed. I know I have a couple of workplaces that are full, so I’m not worried about that. I may be more worried about the stuck villager, so that is worth checking out.

If you click the cross hairs next to the problem, the game window will center on where that trouble is occurring on the map. This can help to troubleshoot glitches in pathing, etc., which is really handy.

Mousing over the people image here gives you a quick view of what kind of villagers you have and how many of each.

Mousing over the smiley face let’s you quickly see details about your happiness level. Right now, I have 4 villagers who can’t fit into my church! Now would be a good time to expand it a bit or build a new one, depending on the way your village has been growing on your map.

The last button before the quick resource tally opens a (moveable) resource list when clicked. This is the full resource list, showing everything you have in stock in the village.

If you click the “stockpile” button next to a resource, your villagers will save that resource and won’t use it. This is handy in certain situations, for instance, if you have to save up enough berries in a warehouse to fulfill a quest. But BE CAREFUL! If you stockpile a resource for too long, your villagers may go without something and start getting mad! Use this with caution, and usually only temporarily.

I like to keep my village information window, my villager window, and my resource list open all the time. But that’s just me. I’m sure you’ll find out what the best style is for you and your game. 🙂

The resource panel is a quick look at your most important resources. Mousing over one of the images/numbers gives you a breakdown of where your resources are at. It should be noted that this is still very basic and alpha functionality at this point. 😉 But sometimes helpful as game-play goes on.

That’s it for this tutorial! We’ll dive into the Estate System buttons that make up the rest of the top left menu in another post.

If you have any questions about this part of the game menu, leave me a comment below!