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There are a few questions that are often asked on Discord about the road system in Foundation. You might be asking them, too. See if yours is answered below – and if not, leave me a comment and I’ll find you an answer!

Do roads disappear?

Yes. As roads are left unused, they will disappear over time. It might take awhile, so patience may be needed.

Can I erase roads?

No. There is no road-erase tool. However, if there is a road in a spot you don’t want, there are some things you can do:

  1. Paint a red “forbidden” zone over the section of road you would like to see gone. As in the note above, it might take quite some time for it to disappear altogether. Also, if a villager had that road in their planned path before you painted the forbidden zone, they will still use it. So give it a few minutes before freaking out that villagers are still using that area. 😉
  2. Build a fence over it. Fences and walls will re-direct villagers into better paths as needed (again, after previous pathing choices have been completed).
  3. Build on it. You can always build something on top of previously-existing roads. Note that roads in residential zones will not be built on by the AI. But as lord of your fiefdom, you can order the construction of any workplace or manor or church or what-have-you anywhere you want it built! Even on a road. 😉
Will villagers build houses over roads?

No. Even despite there being plenty of room in a residential zone for a new home, if there is a road through the middle of that area, villagers won’t build there.

(I mean look, if your community had spent weeks and weeks pounding the earth to create a nice path and some new up-and-comer came along and selfishly build their home over it, would you be happy? I think not.)

Can I paint roads where I want them to be?

No. Road painting would take away from the truly organic effect of the game. At least for now, it is not possible.

However: If you would like to see an experiment in building a gridded city in Foundation, I highly recommend Skye Storm’s video below. This was pre-Steam-release, but the same options are available now, so — go on, give it a try! 😉

Are there any other road textures available?

No. Not yet. This feature will be coming in the future. It will most likely take the form of roads becoming upgraded in stages with heavier use. One could also surmise from this that well-used/well-paved roads could take more time to decay and crumble, where-as a simple dirt foot path could disappear faster over time.

Why won't my villagers cut through the forests??!!?? @#*%

Welllll… they do. Sometimes. Most of the time, if the path to where they need to get to is clearer, even if it’s longer, they will go around.

And yes. That means roads are created where you may or may not want them.

Welcome to “organic”. 😉 It’s one of the fun challenges of Foundation. Embrace it. 😀