Game Version:

When placing buildings, be sure to leave plenty of room at each entrance. The entrances are marked with green arrows:

If these entrances get blocked, your villagers will get stuck and won’t be able to access the building.

The game allows you to overlap buildings without warning right now. This can be used to your advantage, like when you really want to sqeeze in another workplace. Take the stone mason hut example below:

The right-hand hut is the one I’m going to add to this area. I snugged it right up against/into the pre-existing hut on the end where there are no entrances. I also had to be careful to keep the front and back entrance open enough that I wouldn’t block the hut or the gathering hut behind it. I’m happy to say that this placement did work perfectly, no one was blocked.

So you can get close, but not too close.

 Houses are tricky right now, since sometimes the density or level upgrades end up blocking the house entrance. If that happens, you may have to destroy the house and ensure there is room somewhere else for the villagers to build again.

Keep this in mind when placing buildings next to new residential area – always leave lots of room for housing upgrades!