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Villagers can sometimes get stuck. Most of the time, this can be because you created a pathing issue by blocking an entrance (see The Entrances Game). It could also mean the lack of a bridge where it is needed to reach your village center (sometimes happens with the Envoy).

This is where the Warning window comes in handy.

Click on the little cross hairs next to a stuck villager to center the game screen on the troubled soul. From there, you should be able to determine a possible cause for the stuck-ed-ness. 😉


  • a residential building upgraded and blocked either its own entrance or another building’s entrance
  • you placed a fence too close to something (especially watch out for hedges, they’re dasterdly dudes!)
  • you built another workplace too close to the original workplace
  • you built a bridge improperly (both ends must be high enough above land for villagers to actually get onto them)
  • you didn’t build a bridge at all (can happen on some maps with either immigrants or envoys)
  • you painted a section of Forbidden Zone too close to some entrance somewhere.

So take a look around a see what you can find. Most likely the cause will be fairly obvious with a wee bit of detective work!