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Location, location, location! It even makes a difference in these Medieval worlds we create with Foundation.

It’s best to put residential zoning down on green areas of the map (revealed to you as soon as you click on the residential zoning button). But sometimes, one has to use whatever space one has available. What if it looks like this?

Be-est thou not a-feered, my dear lords ‘n’ ladies! Decorations dost saveth the the day!

Actually, only two decorations work for this trick, but keep reading, it gets better, promise.

This next picture shows what one tiny flower bush does for desirability.

(By the way, you find those in the Build menu under Decorations.)

A decorative tree will do the same thing. (Not the cedar, mind, just the decorative one. Because cedars aren’t truly decorative, doncha know. 😉 )

“Well,” you say, “I can’t see how that’s too much help, really.”

A bush here or there can help fill in some green gaps, should you wish to. BUT – the real magic comes when you double them up.

Lookee there, I pray thee!

It works if you just double the bushes or the trees, as well. In fact, just keep adding to the pile to get bigger and bigger effects.

There are, of course, other things that will give you residential desirability, which I will go over in another post. But you can now see the power of these two cute decorations. 🙂

Note that none of the other decorations give any effect at all. They’re just pretty. I’ll let you know if/when that changes. Now go plant some bushes!