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Sometimes people ask, “Can I move a building somewhere else after I build it?”

Erm… no.

Nope, unfortunately, they didn’t have the option to move entire buildings back there in them Medieval days. So neither do you. Sorry. Gotta knock it down and re-build it somewhere else.

Can you knock it down?! Most certainly! THAT we can do!

Just click on the building you want to demolish and then click on the little bulldozer icon in the lower left corner of the building window.

Delete a building

(Funny, eh? Bulldozer icon in a land where bulldozers didn’t exist? Ha!)

I would strongly advise firing all the folks who work there first. If you don’t, don’t come crying to me when they freak out that their workplace just up and vanished into thin air and need counselling, OK?

NOTE: Deleting a workplace that is currently holding goods will also delete the goods! So be careful when you delete stuff, OK?

Another neat trick: If the building is a monument, you can get rid of the whole thing the same way (but whyyyyy!!??), OR, if you just want to remove a part of it, open the Edit window and, very carefully, right-click on the bit(s) you want gone.

Monument Deletion

Be careful out there. Watch for falling rocks.