Game Version:

One of the first few quests you are faced with is to raise your villagers’ status to Commoner. Now, when you first start the game, you have 8 Newcomers. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get them a couple steps higher on the societal ladder. 😉

At the start of the game, you’ll have to build the stonecutter camp, woodcutter camp, gathering hut, a well, and a market. Once the well and market are completed, they become Serfs.

Serfs need housing and a church to attend before they become Commoners. So get some residential zoning going and start working on the resources to build a basic Rustic Church.

Once that church is built, they’ll become Commoners!

Of course, to keep advancing, you’ll now need to provide your huffy Commoners with a second source of food and with clothing. Then they’ll become full-fledged Citizens. And then they’ll demand luxury goods… Sheesh. It never ends, right?

Actually, at this point in development, that’s where it ends. 😀