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Fences are not only useful for directing traffic, they are decorative and give a village that authentic look. Fences can also curve – here’s how you do that.

First, make yourself a fence. I did a right angle here so you can easily see the technique.

Mouse over the middle of one side of the fence until it turns blue. Left-click on the fence.

NOTE: The wooden wall (shorter one) doesn’t have a blue highlight when you mouse over a section. Click it anyway. 😉 It still works.

Then go to the next section of fence and click on that one when it shows blue.

Bam! Curved fence! Now, as you continue to add fence sections, they will automatically curve for you.

To un-curve sections, toggle it off by clicking on the side of the fence again.

When you choose a fence to build, some text appears in the bottom center of the screen. This has saved me a few times already when I forget what to click/push to get what result when building fences. (I obviously need to build more of them so I’ll remember… 😛 )

Add some nodes and stretch them around to come up with your desired shapes! Have fun with your curved fences!