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Every once in awhile, a quest window pops up at you and pauses the game, asking for your help. Completing a quest gets you points to spend in either the Labour, Kingdom, or Clergy estates, which then allows you to unlock more buildings.

To find out what is needed of you, mouse over one of the three estate options (they will all be the same thing). If you can supply the goods, you can choose which estate you want/need points for and click that option to start the quest.

In this case, I needed berries. In order to give the estate the berries, I need to have some in a warehouse. If I don’t have any in a warehouse, it’s time to get some in there!

You do have time, however – quests need to be fulfilled in a certain number of days, which it will show you in the quest notification window.

I had 60 days to get those berries into a warehouse. Until there are enough berries in a warehouse and available (i.e., nothing reserved by vendors coming to fill their berry stall), there will be a little red X where you see the green check mark in the picture above. Once there are enough goods in the warehouse, the image turns into that lovely green check mark and all you have to do – is click it!

Boom, quest finished and your prize is in the bank. Or estate, in this case. 🙂

Sometimes, you need to be a little more forceful with your stocking orders. Open your resource panel (from Top Left Menu) and click the “Stockpile” button next to the resource you’re trying to save up for the quest. Now your villagers won’t be allowed to use that resource and you should be able to save it up quickly.

Don’t forget to turn the stockpiling off again, or you might have some unhappy villagers!