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Monuments are made up of several parts that you can piece together in whichever way you want. They really are the cream of the crop in Foundation, because your creativity is the limit!

To get you started, here are some basic tips about building monuments. I’m using a Monastery in these images, but these tips apply to all types of monuments.

And the first tip is that certain monument parts will contribute to an estate’s splendour rating. Mouse over each part you want to build and it will show you both what resources or gold is needed and if it gives you splendour points.

When you select a monument to build, the build window you get gives you access to all kinds of good information: The parts needed to “count” as a complete monument, how many splendour points it will give you so far and for which estate, your costs and resources needed, what it will cost to maintain, and a button to toggle the snap on and off (pictures of that below).

When you select a piece to build, you’ll see 4 green arrows indicating that you are in “move it around” mode. As with regular buildings, press CTRL and move your mouse to rotate the building, right-click to cancel building it.

Once you plunk the building down, the green arrows change to “up/down” arrows. If you grab those arrows and pull up, you can make this section taller.

See? Taller! 😀

NOTE: Taller does not mean it will house more people or give you more splendour. It’s just… taller. Oh, and it will take more resources to build. Go figure.

Pick another part to join to the first part. Here I’ve got a door. As you can see here with the snap toggle “on”, the little node turns blue when the doors is about to snap to that node.

Now I’ve turned the snap off, which gives me the ability to place things wherever I want without the snap actually happening. Very useful for certain looks! (Maybe not so good for this door here…)

Monument parts do not need to even be attached to each other if you don’t want them to be. In this image, I have the monastery dorm set apart from the core so it has its own area (monks need peace and quiet, yo).

Sometimes, you don’t even have to toggle the snap off to get your desired effect. This extension is currently snapped to the core. But the roof line looks funny. I can simply push the extension in a bit…

And as you can see, since there are no other nodes to snap to, the extension sinks in quite nicely until I’m happy with the look.

Quickly toggle snapping on and off by using the “T” button on your keyboard. Sometimes you don’t have to, but sometimes things refuse to place without snapping. Don’t get frustrated! Just hit “T” and be on your merry, placing way!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below!

Monuments appear ghosted until you hit the “Start Construction” button. Then you’ll get the usual “foundation sticks” and builders will rush to your aid with materials. You can actually close the monument build window with the “X” and the monument will stay ghosted and ready to build. Good for planning your city in advance. Once you click on the ghosted building again, the Edit window is opened and you can begin construction any time.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below!