Game Version:

Let’s take a look at what you can see/do with that bottom menu, shall we?

The first 5 buttons will be explained in more detail below. The ? brings up the in-game help tutorials. Then to the right of that, you have your speed buttons, your in-game hours, and then what week and day you are on in this particular save.

Back to the menu: The first button brings up your [moveable] Villager List window. You can sort this list in several ways with the button at the top of it (white arrow), which is very useful during gameplay when you need to determine who is doing what or who just came to town or who the Citizens are, etc.

Click on a villager’s name to pull up that person’s data window.

The list will become scrollable once you have enough villagers in town.

The second button opens the [moveable] Workplace List window. This will list all the different workplaces in town and show how many folks are employed there.

You can center the screen on a particular workplace by clicking on the crosshairs next to it

You can add villagers to the workplace by clicking on the green plus button for that workplace.

The next button will show one of three chosen desirability layers, so that you can see where it’s best to build things, as shown below.

The fourth button along, with the paintbrush icon, toggles visibility of the zoning areas on or off.

The fifth button (map icon) will turn off or on the yellow boundary lines, as shown to the left. This is particularly useful if you want to take a screenshot or just want to enjoy your little kingdom without the boundary lines for awhile. 😉

Use your bottom left menu to get stats about your kingdom quickly, find workplaces, and remind yourself of what you’ve been up to in the game (Did I put residential zoning in here???).

If you have any questions or have felt I’ve left something out, let me know in the comments below!