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Until you’re faced with building a Rustic Church, you don’t really need tools for building projects as you start out in Foundation. However, it’s very likely that the church will take a couple more tools than you already have in stock (which is 10).

This is why the game leads you, through the quest system, to start a trading route for tools right away. For that, you need 20 planks to open the route and a warehouse. For a warehouse, you’ll also need planks. And for planks, you’ll need a sawmill.

So a sawmill is often the first thing I’ll build after the 5 basic buildings – stonecutter hut, woodcutter camp, gathering hut, well, market. Then the carpenter can get right into making all those planks I’ll need. 🙂

Once you have 20 planks, open the trade panel (cart icon in the top right menu) and click to unlock.

Then you can click on the right top tab, find tools, and choose the “Buy until inventory reaches the value” button. Choose a value you wish to purchase. Don’t go too crazy, tools are expensive and you won’t have a huge cash flow yet. Plus, you really just don’t need tons of tools for quite a while. 😉

The last step is to set up your warehouse to accept tools once it’s built. Click on a slot and choose the tools icon. Don’t forget to assign a villager or two to the warehouse, especially if you also want to sell to the trader.

If you want to sell berries, click on another slot and choose berries. Then use the trade panel to authorize the sale of all berries over X amount, just like you authorized the purchase of all tools up to X amount. (next button over).

(More details on trading will come soon in another post. 😉

Congratulations, you’ve just set up your first trading route! (Your game probably just told you that, right? Aw, shoot, I was too slow…)