Foundation Game Tips is all about tips and tricks to get the most enjoyment out of playing the game as it travels through the alpha phase and beyond. It will include quick tips as well as longer tutorials.

These tips are from my own experiences with the game and from the many conversations we have with good folks in the Foundation Discord community.

How it Works

Tips are placed into categories as shown in the menu above. The game version that the tip is applicable for is included at the top of each post.

Once a tip becomes outdated, I will move it into the Archives category for safe-keeping. Game update posts will not be moved to Archives, but added to that category. That way, all historical game updates can still be found in the same place. Colour coding will show that it’s been archived.

What I Can’t Do here at FGT

** If you need technical help, have a game feature suggestion, think you’ve found a bug, or have crashing issues:

I am not the person to come to! 😀 Please see the links in the footer and/or join the Discord community (invitation link in sidebar) to ask your questions in the proper channels there.

Who I Am

I’m a long-time “Simmer” – since The Sims 2 came out. I still play Sims, and I’ve had a few websites over the years dedicated to the game and sharing stuff.

When I discovered Foundation, I did something I’d never done before: I bought an alpha game! I was so enamoured that even the glitches were funny! Well, they still are, to be honest, and I’m still enamoured, and things are getting better all the time. We get so many of the same questions over and over on Discord that I thought it would be neat to create a help site to give players direction.

Oh, I also love making websites. 😀 So this has been double-fun!

Why do I say “Framming”?

Well, here’s the thing. I don’t like “bad language”. I’m of an age where that kind of silliness is just… so not needed. So sure, I say “crap” and “darn” and “shoot” and all that rot… But where did “fram” come from?

I heard a Sim say it. Waaaay back in the TS2 days, when I was watching a Sim play darts, and she missed, and she was all down-hearted and said, so sadly, “Ooooh, fram.”

It has been my go-to non-swear-word swear word since then. And kinda one of my trademarks. 😀

So that’s it about me, on to the conclusion of this framming page…

Questions? Comments?

If you have a question pertaining to any of the tips I share here, further information or input to add to a tip, or just want to share your love for the game, please do leave me a comment in the posts or drop me a note on the Contact Page. I’d love to hear from you!



And you know… I love me some sheepsies!